Unfinished Painting


This is a painting I was working on for a while but I’m not happy with it. I could make it look acceptable to my eyes but I feel like it would be too much effort to be worth it and I want to move on to other paintings, besides I’m tired of simple portraits and want to do something ambitious. Rather than seeing an unfinished painting as a waste of time, however, I think it was time well spent as I have spotted some mistakes and will learn from them for my future paintings. And besides, the only way to get better at painting is to paint.

A major mistake I made is that I did not put down guidelines before painting the background. Instead I just did a quick sketch and as a result the background is lopsided. Also, if I decided to spend longer on it I would have practiced using soft edges rather than having all the edges be strong/sharp. The reason the head is removed is because I made it look much older than I wanted by putting too much detail into it – another lesson learned!

I really like the way the dress looks though and I think I did a good job showing the shininess of the material. I also got to practice some colour theory by trying to put blue and red together in the sleeves of the dress without clashing.

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